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Y.A King the sound of Virginia

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Y.A King the Hip Hop Rhythm and Blues of VA

Y.A King is an American Hip Hop artist representing the three parts of Hampton Roads Virginia (757) in Surry County, Smithfield, and Newport news. Y.A King’s name is Yahweh which means God in the Hebrew language. He’s dedicated to creating Hip Hop music. He also harmonizes on some of his tracks, which he also refers to as the Rhythm and Blues of Virginia. He’s influenced musically by his family and his industry favorite is Jay-Z because of the journey he took to be where he is today.

Y.A King puts his soul into each song that he creates. His sound is versatile and he’s able to venture into any genre.

“I started doing music as an outlet to share my emotions, my experiences, my trials and tribulations. The music that I create speaks of my past experiences dealing with my struggle in the streets. I am that Hip Hop Rhythm and Blue sound of Virginia.”

Y.A King has three projects titled, “All Work No Play Vol.1”, “In My Own Lane”, and “Red Panda”. He has singles that have been receiving significant attention such as “It Get’s Deep”, “Reputations”, “I Don’t Trust", and “We The Mobb”. He’s working on a self-entitled E.P called “High Commodity”. Soon Y.A King will be on an iHeart podcast called Promo Kings Radio Podcast based out of Hampton Roads, VA. Y.A King is definitely putting on for the 757, stay tapped in with him!

Connect with Y.A King

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