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We Want that Old Thing Back!

Many times I hear people speak about how much they miss the music from the early 2000s on back. When we hear DMX speak about his life that shows his vulnerability which he depicts in the certified platinum song “Slippin”, the words move the listeners emotionally. DMX's words were so powerful it deserves to have a college course. Perhaps a Hip Hop inspired conference will be held in his honor. As time goes by of course things will change. There is a newer generation that is now listening to the radio that ushers in the new sounds of Hip Hop such as Trap and Melodic Rap. 

There are many independent artists throughout Hip Hop and R&B that have that nostalgic sound that takes you back to the days of timeless music. The thing about the music back in the day is that you remember how it made you feel. The popular films that were introduced to the culture had a great soundtrack with these records. For instance, if you were to hear ‘Ante Up’ by M.O.P the movie that you would probably think of is You Got Served. ‘Til this day if you’re at a party or club if the DJ plays ‘Back That Azz Up’ by Juvenile, the club is going crazy. The first line of the song is all that they need to hear. The songs that make us feel vulnerable, excited, and allow us to resonate with the past will be making a comeback. History always repeats itself. Therefore, I believe that there will be more talented artists with that nostalgic sound and timeless music that will grace the charts soon. Let’s get back to the basics! 

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