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The trio LeVoyagers releases new song "So Enticin"

LeVoyagers is a trio consisting of rappers and singers Ceaz, Woady Jeauxdy, and Modella. LeVoyagers began with genuine vibes and like-minded goals to venture into new territory. The group creates spunky Afro Beats music. They are able to write music in different genres such as Hip Hop or R&B. The group members are from New Orleans, Louisiana to St. Louis, Missouri. The trio all have had a love for music since childhood hearing different styles of music growing up. Some of their musical influences are Lil Wayne, Sade, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Kanye, and Bob Marley. Even though LeVoyagers has some solo projects they are coming together as a unit releasing a new song titled “So Enticin” which was produced by Money Hungry. They are encouraged to make music because they’ve seen the success of ordinary people who create music. LeVoyagers hope to inspire their listeners by representing the power of love through music. They hope to express love, unite people, and also continue to have relatable music.

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