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Talented Music Artists from Clubhouse

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The Pandemic was a dark time for the world. A lot of people were isolated from families and friends. People were closed away in their living spaces and they needed to find a source of entertainment. New platforms began to pop up such as Verzuz TV (created by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz) which monetized and became popular. The app Clubhouse also made an appearance, which is an audio platform that was created exclusively to connect people around the world and help open the doors for new content for creators.

We had to find innovative ways to continue to entertain ourselves during a time when we were isolated. Producers, DJs, music artists, and music lovers came together to create content for people to have a pleasurable experience. This helped some Independent artists to begin to expand their network and supporters. Clubhouse holds different categories of chat spaces which are called “Rooms” and you can find these rooms in what they call “The Hallway”. The music rooms are the most popular rooms where it becomes a music lover’s dream.

There are some talented music artists that have presented their music on this platform. Music artists such as Afro Beats/Dancehall artist De-Gate Zion from Tema, Ghana have presented some songs like “Feel The Vibe” and “Come Give Me” which have both made it on An artist from Monroe, Louisiana by the name of LaFem Nikia is a female Hip Hop artist creating waves with songs such as “Big Tawk”, “Witcho Stupid Ass”, and “Money”. An Atlanta native by the name of Sosavellie is a rapper with bangers such as “Celery” and “Bad Habits”. Another artist by the name 6merta is a rapper from Mississippi with a Trap Melodic sound and has also wowed music lovers with songs like “Blue Lights”, “Free Heart”, and “All I Know”. There are also amazing R&B music artists such as Branden Jerrell, Taqee Basir, Wavey Vibez, JayOC (Jordan Mosby), and Jai Adams, who have caught the attention of many listeners.

These are a few of the amazing talents from the app Clubhouse that will soon be listened to by more people. If these Independent music artists were able to get more listeners during a dark time, certainly they will be able to grab the attention of the music industry which will welcome them with open arms.

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