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Set It Off The Untold Stories

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

On the Clubhouse App, I attended a dope audio experience presented by a club called the 4th Period Poetry! This club was created for poets, writers, and music artists to share their creative expressions with listeners. On March 10, 2022, this club presented a recreation of the movie Set It Off in a poetic manner. Each creative was able to revive the lives of each character innovatively as we listened in the audience. Set It Off is one of my favorite movies from our culture. I was especially surprised by how well one of the poets sounded just like Tisean or T.T. Each character had their own untold story that we never received from the movie. I felt like this dramatic experience gave me all of the answers to my questions about that untold story. If there was an award show for the best audio performance this group should definitely be recognized for reviving the movie in an intricate way. If you missed this experience it’s not too late to download the app to follow this group. They saved the replays for the community to enjoy.

This Dramatic Audio experience was directed by Nate Sr and Dr. Tariq. They can be reached at (Nate) & (Dr. Tariq).

These are the characters from the Set It Off clubhouse Experience:

Narrator: Buttahfly, Stony (Jada): Chanel, Cleo (Latifah): Herstory Tru, Francesca (Vivica): Lady Syren, Tisean (Kimberly Elise): Shalonda, Keith Weston (Blair): Nick, Nate Andrews: Nate Sr, Detective Strode: Askari, Stevie: Kai, Lorenz: Spit Raw, Black Sam: Arsenio.


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