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Meet Mike Braxton with Get Money Filmz

How long have you had your tv show?

The name of the show is called “Street Sounds Music Video Show”. The show has been around for about four years. We can be found on the app for Get Money Filmz on Fire-Tv and Roku. The show is also broadcasted here in Philly-Tv market area. It’s on each Thursday from 11pm to 11:30 pm EST on Comcast and Verizon. We have dope interviews and fly ass videos from the hottest artists. Not just from Philly but all over the country.

I see that you’re doing many things to help music artists and other brands, can you speak about the platforms that you have?

Yes. We have many platforms to help Indie artists out. We have the Street Sounds Magazine as well as playlists for the show streaming now on Spotify. We have the Blue Check Podcast show which by invite only to get on the show, one of the requirements is for the guest to have a blue check from Instagram.

Have you ever managed an artist?

I have two artists that I am currently helping out with. Back in the day I was an artist but I later found out the real power moves are made behind the scenes.

What are a few tips would you give music artists today?

You must be willing to spend money on marketing and promotions. Stop looking for handouts. Shit is not free in the music industry. Learn to network with people all over not just your hometown.

What projects or goals do you have planned for the future?

I have a couple of singles that are streaming now. Plus we have another NFT and a movie is coming soon.

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