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Meet Atlanta Based R&B group No Ego, releases new song “Ball 4 U”

Do you remember when there was a plethora of male R&B groups? It’s time for that nostalgia to become a reality. There’s a new quartet group called No Ego based out of Atlanta Georgia, with smooth harmonies pleasing to the ear. The members of this group are Karon, Mylo, Chase, and CaLLamar. They gained attention for their cover of Lucky Daye's "Over," which caught the attention of several individuals in the music industry.

CaLLamar comes from the hip-hop group "We are Toonz," the creators behind the viral smash "Nae Nae." Once the group separated he shifted from Hip Hop to singing. Chase's childhood heavily influenced him to pursue his music career. He looked up to singers that depict the old soul and deeper musical roots that stem from the church. Mylo was signed to L.A. Reid's HitCo label and toured the world as a member of the R&B group Project 2ONE5.

Karon is also a former member of Project 2ONE5.

Now they have a new song released called “Ball 4 U” that’s available on all platforms. Stream their music and support their arrival!

Stream new song: Spotify | Apple

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