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Louisiana Native LaFem Nikia is turning heads with song “Big Tawk”

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

LaFem Nikia the Louisana native’s recent release titled “Witcho Stupid Ass” is an anthem for the women who are fed up with the nonsense. LaFem' Nikia’s voice is powerful on the track which is understandable as to why she’s called the ‘Lyrical Mortician’ and also ‘The Female Boosie’. This song is relatable to her supporters who are ladies because she lyrically says how every woman has felt on this song. Even though her voice is powerful she smoothly raps on the track to gain her audience's attention. This song can be found on her 2020 E.P titled “Why Not Me?”, which has other great tracks such as “Get Money”. The latest song from LaFem' Nikia, is titled “Big Tawk” which will have the streets talking. LaFem' Nikia brings lyrical substance to Hip Hop. Some would say she is a great female Hip Hop artist, when in fact she’s a great Hip Hop artist that doesn’t need gender to define her. 

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