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Lil Kye NY Teenager Making Waves

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Young Hip Hop artist Lil Kye, a native from Flatbush Brooklyn, releases his first major single titled “Take That Chance” with Equity Distribution which is owned by Jay Z alongside 3rd eye Tribe Ent. Lil Kye is the voice of the youth who write relatable music. At the age of 10, Lil Kye experienced the loss of his mother, he used writing as a form of expression to cope with the pain that he felt. The lyrics that Lil Kye writes are relatable and he hopes that he’s able to help any other child that may be coping with losing a parent. This young phenom works hard at balancing his schoolwork with his musical path. Lil Kye is a young teenager who is capable of making music his focus along with education. His father doesn’t have to stay on him about his music, Lil Kye is so much involved in his own career path that he pushes himself to continue to create more music.

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