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De-Gate Zion Ghana’s Upcoming Star

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Artist: De-Gate Zion x Alpha Bankz

Song: Feel The Vibe

“Feel The Vibe” is the latest song from Ghana natives De-Gate Zion along with Singer Alpha Bankz. As soon as the beat drops on this song it will have people dancing. This Dancehall-based song has a feel-good melody that will have a crowd at the concert vibing to the tune. De-Gate Zion also has his latest single that’s released titled ‘Ooh La La La’ which is a romantic song that he serenades for the ladies. “Feel The Vibe” is that song that needs to be on all dancing playlists because when the beat hit the listener they won’t be able to control themselves. 

Connect with De-Gate Zion

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